"Gaven fra Amerika"
Article for CAS (Contemporary Art Stavanger) as part of their writer's residency

“de viktige, grunnleggende tingene i vår tilværelse"
Publication text on Øyvind Johnsen’s series of video interviews with fellow artists

"In Search of the Immaterial Monument"
Article for CAS (Contemporary Art Stavanger) as part of their writer's residency

Review of Joar Nango's Festspillutstilling, for Visp

"Tyngden av papir"
Publication text for Anne Kari Amstein and Gabriella Göransson's exhibition 'Mellom Lys og Skygge'

"Becoming Body"
Exhibition text for Thea Meinert's exhibition 'Polyesterday'

"Binary Poetics"
Catalog text for Hilde Hauan Johnsen and Maia Urstad - Sprang

Interview with Susanna Kajermo for Numer.

Interview with Kamilla Langeland, Bjørn-Henrik Lybeck and Kobie Nel for Objektiv.

"Skarpe Kanter"
Review of "Young & Loving" at S12, for Kunsthåndverk.

"Leppestiftfallos og Fuskepelsvulva"
Review of Heidi Bjørgan & Åsa Jungnelius – Tête-à-Tête for Kunsthåndverk.

”Destroying something beautiful”
Commissioned text by Jørgen Scheel Frederik Haarstad on his artistic practice

"the essential structure of anything"
text based on a talk given at the seminar Talking Textile, organized by Hilde Hauan Johnsen for the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen.

“Hjelp og selvhjelp i Annus Horribulus"
Review of a selection of publications from Bergen Art Book Fair, for Numer

"Material Reverberation"
Exhibition text for Anders Holen's Stimulus at Entrée

“a constant visitor”
Interview with Pilvi Takala for KUNSTforum,

“on entrée”
Catalog text for Entrée’s retrospective catalogue, ’12, ’13, ’14

“the world through a prism”
Exhibition text for Shwan Dler Qaradaki and Behjat Omer Abdulla’s Human Condition, at Tenthaus Oslo

“Om Transformator”
Exhibition text for the group show, “Transformator,” at Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall, Kunstnerforbundet etc.

“and there was light” / “og det ble lys”
Exhibition text for Hilde Hauan Johnsen’s Horisont, at Buskerud Kunstsenter

”a crow’s caw”
Article discussing Stacy Brafield’s work

”hardly an attempt at tying together the loose ends”
Catalog text for the group exhibition ”loose ends”, at Salhus Trikotagemuseum

”Conversation with Kiyoshi Yamamoto Farias”
Interview for the catalog, Kiyoshi Yamamoto – ”Calling Anni Albers” at SOFT galleri

”David Bielanders Diorama”
Interview with David Bielander for Kunsthåndverk

”Kunstnerisk kartlegging”
Review of Topographies of the Obsolete at British Ceramics Biennial for KUNSTforum

”Religionskritikk og kitschy memorobilia”
Review of Birgit Eide – “Omplassering” for Kunsthåndverk

”Materialbaserte fotografier”
Review of group show – “Picture This” for Kunsthåndverk

”Tett på Oppløsninger”
Review of Anne Gry Løland – “overstrykninger”, for Kunsthåndverk

”Monumentale tekstiler i dialog med fortid og fremtid”
Interview with Ingrid Aarset for Kunsthåndverk

”Tekstilenes Tilstand”
Article on Hands On conference on textile art, for SOFTmagasin

”The aesthetic appeal of impermanence”
Exhibition text for Lona Hansen and Stacy Brafield – 3300

”Memento Mori. Husk du er dødelig”
Exhibition text for Juhana Moisander – Vanitas at KNIPSU

”Skjørhetens estetikk”
Catalog text for group exhibition – Soft Concrete, at Salhus Trikotagemuseum

"Hørte Annualen 2011"
Reflections on the first edition of the Hørte Annuale, 2011.

”Masterutstilling: Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen”
Review of MFA exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall for Masterbloggen