Sandra Vaka - Jugs
September 8th - October 21st, 2018
Kunsthuset Kabuso

Kabuso is proud to present a solo show with Sandra Vaka. Her works usually depart from the field of photography, whether she is working with her own photos or re-make found materials from Internet. For this exhibition Vaka shows photograpic work, and a number of glass-sculptures. 

The photo series Jugs relates to water. Photos of water on water. The artist paints jugs with a wet finger on a computer screen before photographing the screen with an analog camera. The water becomes a lens which breaks the light and enlarge the pixels in the screen. Hence the work points back to the medium of photography and reveals connections between nature and technology. Jugs is a vulgar slang for a woman’s breasts, and the jug can also be seen a symbol of life, sharing, and historically – also of greed. The glass sculptures in the show is also jug like, with the handle, shape and proportions resembling a glass jug with no openings, the sculpture becomes contorted and – in any practical sense - purposeless.

Scientists have for years claimed we have entered a new geological time, caused by human activity on the earth. Despite an overwhelming body of evidence, it is almost unfathomable to fully understand the correlation between the responsibility of a single individual and changes on a global scale. The different works are titled after sodas and other beverages such as Jugs (fanta) and Jugs (blueberry blast kool-aid). The colorful, watery images are aesthetically pleasing in their abstractedness, but on closer inspection one becomes aware that the images behind the painted jugs are in fact of oil spills, floods and other environmental disasters. From vast oceans to consumer-friendly portion packs and back again, it seems like good sense to question our own role in the climate accounts.

Sandra Vaka (b. 1980) have had solo exhibitions at NoPlace (2017), Kunstnerforbundet (2017), Melk (2016), Rogaland Kunstsenter (2015) and Frankfurt Am Main (2015) among others, and participated in group exhibition in a number of places nationally and internationally, some including KINDL - Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst (2018), House of Ergon (2018), Kunsthall Oslo (2017), Centro Nacional de las Artes (CENART) (2017), Island Oslo (2017) WILDLIFE Sculpture Park (2017), Vestfossen Kunstlabaratorium (2017) Stavanger Kunstmuseum (2017), Kunstvirein Nürnberg (2016), Kunstnernes Hus (2016), and Lillehammer Kunstmuseum (2016). She showed at the national organization for photograph artists’ Spring Exhibition in 2017, where she was awarded the photo art price. Next year she will put up a public sculpture in the river Hovidbekken in Oslo, on commission of Kulturetaten in Oslo. Vaka have a MFA from The Royal Danish Art Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen and a BFA from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She lives and works in Berlin and Stavanger.

All pictures by Thor Brødreskift.

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